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Step into Entrepreneurship so you can regain control and live the life you have always envisioned.

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Medical Experience

Dr. Brooke Elmore is an experienced medical professional. She understands the challenge that medical professionals have when stepping into entrepreneurship--and how to overcome them!

Start Your Own Business

Don't throw your medical experience away. There are certain businesses that medical professionals are uniquely positioned to start--businesses where a medical degree is a great benefit.

Live Your Best Life

You can choose the life that you want to live. You have worked so hard to get your white coat, but it all boils down to happiness. Find out what makes you happy and make money doing that!


Meet Dr. Brooke Elmore

“I am a Clinical Doctor” by trade and an Inspirational Leader by purpose! Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, I attended Lincoln University, where I obtained a B.S. in Health Science and also became an active Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I later matriculated to Duke University where I earned a Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Duke University School of Medicine.

For over 8  years i have been helping people restore their mind, body & spirits during their journey  towards enhancing their quality of life!  I have been blessed to help hundreds of people reclaim their purpose in life through the area of Physical medicine.


Dr. Brooke & Entrepreneurship

In 2017 I embraced my entrepreneurial calling and founded Mancave4hair , the first hair extension line for Men of Color! You may ask, “how did you go from medicine to hair loss specialist?” the answer is, I followed my PURPOSE!  I embarked on the journey as a quest to help underserved Men of color suffering from male pattern baldness . With Mancave4hair, we have been able to provide hundreds of men with realistic, clinically based solutions to their hair loss challenges. As a Clinical Doctor &  Healthy Hair Educator, I have had the privilege of helping people reclaim & redefine their image as well as their self worth through the gift of restoration! 

As a founder and ambassador of The Wealthy Life Society, I am a spokeswoman for wealthy living in all facets of life. Purposed living is wealthy living!